Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Great Outdoors


Last week myself and Barry took a break from the city and spent a week in a cottage in Glencoe.
The cottage itself was beautiful and was refurbished in May this year so everything still had that new feeling.  The location was pretty remote although we were right next to a road and we did see a whole bunch of hillwalkers so it didn't feel too scary.  Maybe I wouldn't feel the same in Winter when it's pitch black.  

There was also an abundance of little birds flying around right outside which made it feel a bit like a disney film.  No offence to pigeons but I didn't miss them!  We also spotted some lovely deer whilst on our travels and I am sure I seen a vole.  I could be the next David Attenborough!

You might be familiar with a Vodafone advert where a guy manages to get reception everywhere he goes no matter how remote, well he clearly never stayed in Glencoe!  The lack of social media and Internet was actually quite nice though and it resulted in me discovering a hidden talent.  I am a killer draughts player.  Poor Barry had to suffer 5 straight defeats.  I am currently investigating any professional draughts competitions I can enter because surely this could be my shot at fame and fortune! 

We did a lot of driving and covered places like Fort William, where we got the Mountain Gondola, which took us 650 metres up the mountain of Aonach Mor .  It was pretty cloudy so the view was almost non existent but was still fun and the chips in the cafe were good!  I like to sample chips wherever I go, even on mountains.

We also visited Oban, Glenfinnan, Mallaig and Inverary, as well as accidentally discovering the Silver Sands of Morar with the whitest sand I have ever seen!  Unfortunately there were no blue skies that day so my photo doesn't really do it justice.  We also drove along the Skyfall road at Loch Etive.  Daniel Craig wasn't driving me, but it was dry that day so I guess you can't have it all

I always holidayed in Scotland or England whilst growing up, as my parents never went abroad, but this was my first Scottish holiday as a adult.  When you live in the city it's easy to forget what beauty lies only a few hours drive from your doorstep.

Usually when I pack for holidays I go insane and stress over every detail and take way too much, and sometimes don't even wear half of it!  I embraced the outdoors and kept it simple with jeans, t-shirts and old comfy boots.   No accessories were taken which is a first but I actually loved it!  There was no thought process in getting ready each morning.  One raincoat (because in Scotland June doesn't mean sunshine) and one backpack and I was all set to meet the great outdoors.  

As much as I loved my mountain retreat I can't decide what I love more, having no neighbours and an amazing view right on my doorstep, or being somewhere that Dominos deliver to?  Whenever Dominos set up shop in the Highlands I am so there!!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sticker Stress!

So, anyone else noticed the surge in popularity recently when it comes to pin badges, patches and stickers? No? Me neither.....

I'm joking of course! Like all good crazes I'm usually late to the party but I did have a huge stash of pin badges lurking in the loft from my teenage collecting days.  Some might say I was ahead of the game, or I'm just old enough for something to have come back into fashion *sob*.  

Despite having a huge stash (which sounds like I'm talking about something far more exiting than pin badges), I still WANT and NEED all the SHINY, CUTE, AWESOME pins that are everywhere.  A few of my favourites are from Sugar & Vice, Punky Pins and Jade Boylan.  

As if pins weren't enough, throw in all the adorable patches currently available (Jade Boylan sells these too!), and THEN on top of that there are stickers!  Stickers for accessorising and customising bags, and anything else your heart desires.  My mind goes into meltdown and my bank balance decreases!

UFO and Ouija pins -Sugar & Vice, Crying at the Party patch - Stay Home Club, Pizza Cat pin - All Day I Dream about Pizza.
Pins are easy to wear as they aren't permanent, even patches, if sewn on, can easily be removed, should your mood or style change at any point in the future.

Stickers however, feel so PERMANENT!  The word fills me fear! Once stuck there is no going back.  Unless you want to be left with that horrible sticker residue, which lets face it nobody wants. 

I wish I was one of those care free people who stuck stickers on things with reckless abandon.  Sadly like most aspects of my life I over think it.  Where to stick it? How to stick it! What to stick it on!?  Despite all the pressure of where to stick them I still bloody love stickers!

My Mickey thumbs up sticker from the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop Collection has been in its box in my wardrobe for 5 months. It's sitting waiting for the perfect bag, which sometimes I worry doesn't exist.

I know some of you might be thinking, bloody hell just stick it on a bag, you must have one, and yes, I have more than one in fact, but I have valid reasons for none of them being suitable candidates.

Designer handbags are automatically void because, even though it's a designer sticker, an expensive handbag, just like expensive electrical equipment, is sacred and it feels wrong to deface them.

I'm also looking for long term sticker commitment so the bag needs to be one that will be with me for a long time.  It also needs to be one that I will use often enough because I don't want it on a bag that sits unloved for long periods of time.  The fact that it's sat for 5 months unloved clearly doesn't count.

Lastly, we have the all important structure. The bag has to be rigid because I don't want dog eared edges peeling off due to bending! (I have experienced this and will learn from my mistakes!).

Who knew stickers provoked such serious decisions. The crazy thing is that like the pins and patches, I WANT MORE STICKERS TO STICK ON BAGS I DO NOT OWN YET!!!!!!!

I am insane!

Friday, 1 April 2016

OOTD 21 - Boys Toys


I'll be honest I can't be bothered writing much for this post - the energy for blogging is still hovering at low - so here's some pictures of an outfit involving the amazing Boys Toys skirt from Bob by Dawn O'Porter and print design by Karen Mabon.  You can't help but feel happy when you look at this skirt, dinosaurs, game boys and lego all on one item of clothing, and not only that, IT HAS POCKETS!!  

I'm currently de-cluttering my wardrobe in the hope I can de-clutter my mind of the choices involved when getting dressed - even though I've just bought new boots and currently coveting a Minnie Mouse jumper and denim jacket, because the one I'm wearing in these pictures, isn't quite oversized enough......ok so truth is I'm de-cluttering to make more fucking room for more fucking stuff!!   

I'm constantly telling myself I'll start doing yoga, read more books and have early nights to free my mind of all things accessible through my phone, but it hasn't happened yet. In fact I've just started using snapchat so I've really just added another distraction/time eater into my life.  

Feel free to follow me (user name lynnie-bop) to see videos of my cat, because that's about all I'll post on it probably.  Or maybe I'll become a snapchat sensation....yeah like I was going to become an Instagram sensation when I started that...or a blogging sensation.....only thing I'm sensational at is drinking Irn bru and saying I'll do stuff but never getting round to doing it - like yoga, reading and early nights!!  Ah well, nobody's perfect! 

Real life disclaimer - the skirt stuck to the tights I was wearing and I'm really hoping it was a rogue pair of tights!!  Either that or I'm going to have to start shaving my legs more.  That's another thing I'm not sensational at!!   

My face in the last picture sums up how I feel about skirts and tights not playing nice together.

All photographs taken by Jennifer

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Is This the Beginning of the End?

So, is this the beginning of the end?  I'm not 100% sure right now.

My blog posts have certainly become less frequent of late, winter weather certainly doesn't help, but to be honest I think I've just lost a bit of the love I once had for blogging.  Like a lot of my hobbies, I start off strong and then I get to a stage where my enthusiasm dwindles.

The thing with my blog is that it consists solely of outfits, I don't have the motivation or skills to write about much else, so when you can't be bothered taking photographs of what you are wearing it kinda leaves you with nothing!  

I still enjoy taking pictures but I just don't really want to be the subject of them.  Maybe I'll still do a few outfit posts when the chance allows, but for now planned outfit posts, where I wear something specifically to share on my blog instead of wearing it because I actually want to, will be on hold.  Who knows if it will be forever or just a break. Maybe when spring comes round I'll spring back to life.

The main reason for writing this post is because I've seen so many blogs that just end with no warning and I always wonder what happened to make them stop blogging. 

Anyway, I won't say goodbye because that implies it's forever, and I'll still be posting pictures on Instagram, I'm not going underground and off radar just yet! 

If you've stumbled across this post and are looking for some other blogs to keep up to date with then these are my favourites and a good place to start!

Glasgowfashiongirl - One of the first blog's I read.  Jennifer could be a professional shopper and loves nothing more than sharing her passion.  You won't find any dull outfits here, be prepared for colour and sequins!

Popcorn and Glitter - Sophie's blog has great content and covers everything from her amazing style to her awesome film reviews.  She's also a fellow cat lady! 

The Velvet Epidemic - I love Stevie's unique style and writing ability.  I read her blog and its like reading a book, she's funny, witty and always creates looks that you don't see all over the internet, which I find refreshing.

Ruby Ruby Slippers - Lianne is now resident in New York and I love nothing more than living my New York life through her blog.  

Thank you to everyone, and anyone, who has ever stopped by to read any of my posts, or taken the time to leave a comment.  Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The 24 days of Christmas Films


Can't quite believe it's Christmas Eve already.  Like every year the build up seems to last forever and then all of sudden it's Christmas Eve and close to being all over!

This was the first time I didn't have an advent calendar so I decided to watch a Christmas film everyday until Christmas.  I actually thought 24 films would be quite difficult but turns out I've managed to watch more than 24 and I still have some left to watch!!

Here is a round up of how I have spent numerous hours of my life this month:-

Day 1 - Jingle all the Way 
Day 2 - The Santa Clause
Day 3 - Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Day 4 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Day 5 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Day 6 - Frozen
Day 7 - Bad Santa
Day 8 - Fred Claus
Day 9 - Christmas with the Kranks 
Day 10 - Deck the Halls
Day 11 - Scrooged
Day 12 - The Bishop's Wife
Day 13 - Santa Who?
Day 14 - Serendipity 
Day 15 - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Day 16 - Charming Christmas
Day 17 - Sleepless in Seattle
Day 18 - Home Alone
Day 19 - Arthur Christmas
Day 20 - Love Actually
Day 21 - Die Hard 2 -Die Harder
Day 22 - (i) Polar Express  (ii) Elf
Day 23 - (i) Miracle on 34th Street  (ii) The Grinch  (iii) The Muppet Christmas Carol
Day 24 - It's a Wonderful Life

Most of them I have seen before and will no doubt watch again next year but there a few that I would put on the "bah humbug" list and wouldn't care if I never seen them again, namely Fred Claus, Deck the Halls, Santa Who? and Christmas with the Kranks.  They were all a bit "meh".  Polar Express was a good story but the weird real life animation killed it for me, so I probably wouldn't watch that again.

Some of them may not be full on traditional Christmas films but Christmas is featured in all of them (apart from Frozen, but come on there is snow and a snowman so it's practically Christmas without even knowing it!)

Hard to believe that I have managed to miss a few, like Die Hard and Gremlins but don't worry because that's my Boxing Day sorted!  

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, 23 November 2015

OOTD 20 // How to Dress Happy when you feel like a Grinch

Jacket - Topshop // Hoodie - H&M // Dress - Dreamland Clothing // Hat - Abandon Ship Apparel // Boots - Dr Martens 

So, here we are.  Winter has arrived.   Some people love winter and the cosy clothes that come with it, I on the other hand hate it, with the exception of pyjamas of course.  Dark nights, rain, freezing temperatures and don't get me started on the "s" word!!  Yes, winter fashion looks amazing, but the reality is that it's hard to look good when your being battered by wind driven rain, or just trying not to freeze.  I take my hat off (metaphorically speaking because my head gets cold in winter) to anyone who manages it.  If you haven't guessed by now winter makes me grumpy and I make no apologises for it. 

Blogging about outfits in winter verges on impossible. Lack of light, the elements, the fact that I'm a grumpy Grinch, etc etc, so I've only got a flat lay for this post, but I hope it still shows off how amazing the outfit is.  I might be a grumpy Grinch but I bet nobody would guess in such a colourful outfit (just ignore the offensive hat). 

I put this outfit together last weekend for a trip to Kelvingrove Museum.  It wasn't quite as cold as it is now so more layers or heavier layers would probably be needed as this jacket isn't very warm, although great for rain. 

The yellow raincoat is probably one of my favourite purchases this year and because it's quite lightweight you can easily wear it during the rain in spring/summer, which obviously  when living in Scotland, happens regularly.  

The tshirt dress is from Dreamland Clothing who sell via ASOS Marketplace and although they also sell a lot of vintage items, this dress is from their own collection, which in their words is "influenced by the 1980s, Saved by the Bell and the Rugrats".  What's not to love about that!

The dress was longer than I thought so I actually trimmed it by a good few inches.  At first it stopped at my knees (I'm about 5'3 ish I think), and it just didn't flatter me at that length, so now it stops mid thigh which for me, is perfect for this kind of dress.  I wore it with a pair of black super cosy tights from Primark because who doesn't live in those tights during winter??

Throw in a pair of big boots and hat and there you have the makings of a happy go lucky, colourful, little winter Grinch!!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend and enjoys the week ahead!

I'm off work this week, not that I want to rub it in....yes, actually I do because I am evil like that!  Enjoy work suckers!!  

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Wedding // New York - Part 2

Hello, it's finally here, New York Part 2 - THE WEDDING!!

I think most people know by now that Barry and I decided to turn our holiday in New York into a honeymoon on August 26th.  We have been together for 13 years (or thereabouts!) and the traditional wedding route was never one that appealed to us.  Of course, when I was a kid I wanted to get married and wear a big dress, but then you grow up and realise there's a lot more to getting married than a dress.  Walking down the aisle, the first dance, speeches, seating plans, not to mention the years of planning involved, all of it just filled me with dread rather than excitement.

I'm also quite stubborn and the fact that so many people assume when you've been with someone for X amount of years that your sitting waiting for a ring.......because of course every girl is just waiting to get married. *insert new eye rolling emoji*.  I mean no offence to anyone who has marriage high on their list of priorities, it just wasn't high on mine.  

It was only recently that I realised I wasn't actually opposed to marriage, I just didn't want a wedding, and all the jazz that goes with it.   

Sadly there is no romantic back story to our elopement. We were all booked for New York, it was our first big holiday since we went on our very first holiday together 10 years ago.  I just casually said one night "why don't we get married in New York?" (I think I was dreaming about being Carrie Bradshaw!).  I guess technically I proposed, but then I kinda sat back and let Barry do the planning.  I suppose you could say I took on the man's role when it came to wedding planning.  Ask the question and then do nothing until the big day!  I would have made a rubbish bridezilla!

I had initially wanted to get married in City Hall (still dreaming of being Carrie!) but Barry wasn't as keen. That's when we (or should I say Barry) found Stylish & Hip Weddings, who not only do photography but also carry out ceremony's. As long as you have less than 25 people attending you can actually get married anywhere in New York! We decided on Dumbo in Brooklyn because it was a little bit quieter than Manhattan (part of me wanted to get married in the exact spot Chuck and Blair did but I had to remind myself I wasn't a character from Gossip Girl).

After the ceremony we had the photographer for an hour and Dumbo is a great area for colourful street art and cobbled streets. 

Once the photos were taken care of we went to Grimaldi's for pizza, then on to Big Gay Ice Cream for what Barry will tell was the best ice cream ever - I'll tell you it was ok - I'd be just as happy with a cone from ikea. Barry is a connoisseur of ice cream though so he's probably more knowledgeable than me.

After a quick stop at the hotel we headed out to Central Park to watch The Blues Brothers. As far as wedding nights go it was a pretty good one. The Blues Brothers soundtrack has now become our wedding playlist. If your ever in New York and the Film Festival is running then definitely go along, it's free and such good fun watching a film outside. Just make sure you are prepared. We turned up with some juice and not much else whilst everyone around us had full on picnics, blankets and pillows!! Rookie mistake!

Oh and our wedding cake was red velvet cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!

I suppose I should also discuss the small matter of what I wore. I didn't really know what sort of dress I wanted as long as it was something I could wear again. As soon as I seen Alexa Chung wearing this dress from the Topshop Unique Pre-Fall collection I knew it was the one. The only problem would be getting my hands on it! Both Barry and myself signed up to be alerted when the pre-sale went live. I'm so used to getting Topshop emails I never even noticed the vital email one night, telling me that the line went on sale at 6pm! D'oh! In swoops Barry to the rescue......After the first few being "nicked" from his shopping bag whenever he tried to go to the checkout he finally bagged one. It was a size too big but some minor alterations sorted that.

One thing I loved about the dress was that I didn't need any accessories. The sleeves and neckline were more than enough and the pretty floral print and floaty fabric made it perfect for a hot summers day in New York.

I'm not a strappy shoe/sandal kinda girl mainly due to hating my feet, so I opted for a lovely pair of grey chelsea boots with a little heel, which were perfect and easy to walk around in. One thing you do a lot of in New York is walk.  And of course I had my little Alexa bag with me....because I clearly love Alexa Chung.

Eloping might not be for everyone but I'm glad I got married in New York. I rarely do anything exciting or cool in life but I don't think you can get much cooler than getting married on a pebbled beach in Brooklyn, with Manhattan as your backdrop! 

If you missed Part 1 you can find it here.  I have added a list of all the things we got up to just to remind myself of how much we actually did, on top of getting married!!  

I am also conscious that it's almost November and I am still writing about Summer....maybe my next post will be more season appropriate.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and has a spooky Halloween when it arrives!

Getting married in NYC
  • You can apply for your licence up to 21 days before your wedding date. 
  • We applied online before we went and then you take the application to City Hall along with your ID.
  • You can then get married 24 hours after you have your licence processed, at a location of your choice, or in the City Hall chapel.
  • The licence is then signed and witnessed and sent back to the City Clerk office if you choose to get married at your own venue/location (Matt who carried out our ceremony dealt with that part.)
  • Your wedding certificate is then posted to you!  Easy peasy! 

All photos taken by Jenny MacFarlane of Stylish & Hip Weddings